Trunk Club Review | November 2017

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November Trunk Club Review

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can start a blog “on the side” while still doing their day job. What was I thinking? 12 hour day job, chores at night, lecture the 16-year old about college, take care of the dogs, go to the gym, more chores, then go to sleep and start all over again. Kudos to those awesome super-mommas out there who have it all together and churn out well-written and witty blog posts every week. I’m lucky if I catch up once every few months. So yah, about those Trunk Club reviews! I may have skipped a couple of them, because a) I suck at this blogging thing, and b) I get distracted easily. It’s quite possible my last Trunk Club Review post is halfway done, but some other project caught my eye, and ooooh, shiny! 

Party Time!

Speaking of shiny. It’s holiday party season! I’m just going to skip right past Thanksgiving because it’ll take me an entire month to decide what to wear to my company’s annual holiday party. I need to start early y’all. I might get distracted. 😐

What is Trunk Club?

First, let me tell you about Trunk Club. Trunk Club is similar to Stitch Fix, but their offerings are all from Nordstrom, so there’s a lot more variety. Each Trunk comes with about 10 items specially selected for you by your personal stylist. Price points can be $10 or $1,000 (it’s Nordstrom, after all). Like Stitch Fix, you can tell your stylist your preferred price point. Trunk Club is a little more personalized in that you can speak to your stylist by phone, send an email, or communicate via the Trunk Club messaging service. You can even email your stylist photos of your existing wardrobe and pictures of yourself in your favorite outfits so she can get a better idea of your style and how clothing fits you.

Is There a Fee to Use the Service?

Trunk Club charges a $25 styling fee which is applied to anything you purchase. You keep what you love and return the rest in their pre-paid shipping box. Shipping is free both ways and you can schedule UPS to come pick up your returns or drop off the box at a UPS shipping center. Trunk Club does not offer a discount if you keep everything, but they do offer a generous referral credit of $50 for anyone that signs up using your link. I would love to refer you to my stylist Cassie! To sign up for your first Trunk, click here.

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My Holiday Trunk

This month, I asked for a holiday party Trunk!  Can I tell you how much I hate wearing dresses?  Ladies, I’m pint-size.  And it’s no fun finding dresses that fit when you’re barely 5′ 1″.  Everything needs to be hemmed, the arms need to be shortened, the waist needs to be lifted and tapered. By the time you’re done, you just spent as much as you would on a new dress.  But Cassie managed to scour the ends of the internet to find me some pint-sized fun dresses!

So let’s get to it, shall we?

First, here are the what I didn’t photograph:

Vince Camuto Bell Sleeve Blouse – Returned

trunk club

I love that Cassie remembered I prefer smaller prints in darker hues. The contrast of the white leaves against the stark black really pops, but my favorite detail about this blouse is the bell sleeves.  I love that this trend has come back because it’s a great style for those of us ladies that have curvier hips (it distracts the eye up and away).  The closed neckline was not flattering on me, so I opted to return it.

Vince Camuto Chiffon Shift Dress – Returned

This was my least favorite piece.  I don’t think it comes in petite, so Cassie sent me a size 2 regular.  It was just too big on me (for reference, I’m 5′ 1″, 115 lbs).  The hemline was too long, the bodice was too long, the sleeves were too long, the neckline/shoulders was too wide. Basically, I was swimming it it.  But overall, it just wasn’t my style.  I do love the new sleeve trend with the bells, flutters, and balloons, but the sleeves on this were cut ragged and was too reminiscent of Stevie Nicks.

Leather Clutch by Nordstrom – Returned







This is THE perfect clutch!  You. Need. This.  You need it now.  Get it before it sells out!  And before you start asking me why I returned it if it’s such an awesome purse, it’s because I bought the exact same one last month.  Seriously guys, click on my affiliate link or run to your nearest Nordstrom and snatch this up!  It comes in nude, black, burgundy, and silver.  It’s the perfect size and will fit your phone, lipstick, mirror, and a few other small items. It has a convenient magnetic closure and comes with a detachable chain crossbody strap.  It’s the perfect clutch for a night out and goes with everything!

Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Shift Dress – Reluctantly returned :-‘(

trunk club




















Please, whatever you do, don’t zoom in on my knobby knees! Those are runner’s legs ya’ll.  They’ve been banged up and skinned so many times I could draw a road map of my running route on them!  But that dress!  There is so much to love about this one.  The bell sleeves, the beautiful plum color, the texture of the fabric.. everything about this style is a win for me. Buuuut, it went back. Again, this is a size 2 regular and was just a bit big on me.  The hemline was just right and I can get away with the sleeves (although they should have hit my arms about 2″ above my wrist), but it was too wide overall and didn’t hang well.

J.O.A. Satin Wrap Dress – Kept

trunk club

Another winner!  Sorry for the bad lighting folks, but the the colors here are really cute. It’s a dark navy with bright yellow and orange flowers.  I love the silhouette of this wrap dress!  With an open neckline and a-line cut, it’s flattering on almost any body shape.  I may have to take in the collar a tad and shorten the sleeves, but this is such a versatile dress, it is well worth it.

This is a long post folks, are you still with me?  If you love what you see and just can’t wait to get to the end to try it out for yourself, feel free to use my referral link to sign up now!  Sign up HERE.

Halogen Azaela Ankle Strap Pump – Returned









These were really comfortable.  My poor feet have been battered by too many miles running road races, and if there’s anything I insist on, it’s a quality pair of shoes.  Comfort is my #1 priority and I won’t sacrifice comfort for style.  I was really surprised that these were so easy to wear.  The ankle strap helps keep the shoe on your foot, so there’s no worry that it’ll slip in the back.  And the heel height is just right for me at 3″.  Although the ankle strap is practical, I thought it made my legs look shorter.  I’m also not a fan of the odd pointy-toe silhouette.

Lush Elly Wrap Dress – Returned




















This fit almost identical to the J.O.A. Satin Wrap Dress I reviewed earlier in my post.  I love everything about this, but it was too big (size S), so I returned it.  I think I’ve tried an XS before in this same brand and style, and it was too tight around the chest, so I didn’t bother asking for an exchange in size on this one.  But this is a great find, considering the $49 price tag.

Eliza J Wide Leg Jumpsuit – Returned




















Ladies, I almost didn’t try this on.  I would never wear anything with ruffles around my hips and it just looked a little to mature for me.  But Trunk Club is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and I’m almost giddy over how much I liked this jumpsuit!  I am petite, but I’m curvy, and those ruffles at the hip scared the bejeezus out of me!  But somehow they work and I thought it was rather cute!  I am wearing a size 2P and it fit perfectly, including the length.  Buuuut, even though it was fun to try it on and see myself in a totally different style, I’m certain I would never wear it, so back it went.

Panacea Tiered Tassel Earrings – Returned

How fun are these!? I love the rich burgundy and gold with black balancing it out on the bottom.  These are so versatile since you can wear them with almost any fall or winter outfit.  I didn’t keep them only because they were a little too big against my face.

Madewell Tassel Drop Earrings – Returned














I just love the new tassel trend!  It’s such a festive style and is perfect for the holidays.  These Madewell earrings looked great with almost every dress I tried on with my Trunk, so you can see how much wear you’d get out of them. I returned them because I wasn’t a fan of the geometric gold design and would prefer a rounder accent.

WAYF Mesh Choker Minidress – Returned




















This dress is just absolutely gorgeous!  I really like the bright, bold white floral pattern against the black slip dress, and I especially loved the pearl accents on the choker neck. I returned this simply because it’s not my style (it’s also too big; I’m wearing a size XS regular).  The shift dress cut isn’t flattering on me and those two-layer dresses (slip dress underneath with overlay) makes me a little crazy.  I can never get the two layers lined up and I end up entwined like a pretzel upside down on the floor trying to pull it over my head.

J.O.A. High Neck Fit & Flare Dress – Returned

This is another one of those styles I never would have picked out for myself because of the high neckline.  But I found myself liking this one too, even though it was too big. The fit and flare style is easy to wear and you can’t go wrong with dark colors. As much as I was intrigued by this style, it just wasn’t enough for me to keep (or get tailored to fit).

Charles Henry Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Dress – Kept

Ok y’all – this is it!  My absolute most favorite piece in this month’s Trunk!  I love everything about this stunning dress.  I thought the bell sleeves would be overwhelming on me, but they are perfect!  The neckline is just right, the hemline is perfect, the fabric is gorgeous, the color is rich and vibrant, and it’s lined!  This has to be the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn.  No sucking in required!  And even better, this comes in petite sizing (wearing an XSP here).  I haven’t quite decided on accessories to wear with this for our holiday party.  Should I go with pearls, or gold?  Or maybe a contrasting color?  What do you think?

If you like what you see and want to give it a try, let me refer you!  Use my referral link HERE to get started!

This post contains affiliate links.  Click here for the full disclosure statement. 

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