Trunk Club Review | June 2017

Dress: Loveappella Maxi Dress | Hat: Target | Necklace: Vintage from my grandmother ūüôā

Our family doesn’t usually take summer vacation trips because my girls and I take an annual road trip from our current home in the South to my childhood home in Southern California. ¬†Spending our summers in SoCal is “vacation” enough for me. ¬†Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make our annual trek this year because my girls both have jobs now and my elderly dog is ill. ¬†Instead, my husband and I were invited to travel to Cuba with some close friends!¬†

I immediately sent a message to my Trunk Club stylist, and requested some casual, unstructured pieces in breathable cotton and linen.

What is Trunk Club?  Trunk Club is a personal stylist service. They curate all pieces from Nordstrom, so there’s a lot more variety.  Each Trunk comes with about 10 items. Price points can be $10 or $1,000 (it’s Nordstrom, after all).  With Trunk Club, you can speak to your stylist by phone, email, or via their website or app messaging system. You can even email your stylist photos of your existing wardrobe and pictures of yourself in your favorite outfits so she can get a better idea of your style and how clothing fits you.

Trunk Club charges a $25 styling fee which is applied to your purchase.  You keep what you love and return the rest in their pre-paid shipping box. Shipping is free both ways and you can schedule UPS to come pick up your returns or drop off the box at a UPS shipping center. Trunk Club offers a generous referral credit of $50 for anyone that signs up using your link.  I would love to refer you to my stylist Cassie! To sign up for your first Trunk, click here:  Trunk Club

Let’s review my Trunk! ¬†Here is what I did not keep:

I may be petite, but I’m a little curvy. ¬†Ruffled hems are cute, but they have to be subtle so they don’t make my hips look too wide. ¬†I loved the soft and stretchy fabric of this sleeveless gray Tee, but the ruffled hem was a little too much. I may have kept it just to lounge around in, but at $88, there was zero justifying that option. ¬†Returned.

It took me a while to warm up to the off-the-shoulder look that is all the rage right now. ¬†All I could think of was how much trouble it would be to try to keep the sleeves in place. ¬†But then someone came up with the fabulous idea of adding straps! ¬†So I was super excited to see this refreshing white cold-shoulder top with straps¬†(!!) in my Trunk. ¬†But even with the straps, it kept riding up and wouldn’t stay in place. ¬†Returned.

This was the. cutest. dress! ¬†But a) I don’t need a LBD, b) it was synthetic, and c) it was a little too tight at the bustline. ¬†But oh-so-cute! ¬†And at $49, it’s a steal. ¬†I admit, I even tried it on without a bra to see if it would fit better, just to try to justify keeping it, but it wasn’t mean to be. ¬†Returned.

Oh, take me back to my youth! ¬†I lived in Levi’s 501’s for all of the 80’s. ¬†Buttonfly was my favorite! ¬†So imagine how much I giggled when I pulled this out of my Trunk, feeling like a little girl again. ¬†I did ask Cassie for a pair of denim cut-offs, so I was happy she selected these for me. I loved the light wash and subtle distressed look. ¬†But unlike the Levi’s of my youth, these were too high waisted for my liking. Returned.

You can’t go wrong with black, and this breezy bo-ho inspired top with peek-a-boo detailing could have been the perfect match for me and Cuba. ¬†It was super comfy, but I’m not a huge fan of boxy styles like this. ¬†Returned.

I actually received a pair of striped shorts in dark navy and white, not the pattern you see in the image.  I loved the shorts so much, that I already own a pair almost identical to the striped ones I received.    Naturally, I had no reason for a second pair.  Returned.

Here is what I kept!

Loveappella Maxi Dress | $68 | Size: Petite P | Color: Midnight Blue

The simplicity of this navy maxi dress couldn’t be … simpler. ¬†I am a no-frills kind of girl and the less I have to deal with, the better. ¬†No straps falling off, no shoulders to pull up, nothing to keep “in place” or rearrange. ¬†Just throw it on and go! ¬†The fabric is super soft, stretchy, and is ridiculously comfortable. ¬†I can see myself wearing this every day in Cuba. ūüôā

For you OCD folks, don’t let the fact that it’s not arranged in chronological color order bother you. Oh, and some of them are on the hangers inside out. You’re welcome. ūüôā

Clearly I need more t-shirts, so imagine my delight when I pulled this raw edge v-neck t-shirt out of my Trunk! ¬†No joke guys, this is my favorite piece. Literally. And at $17, you’d better believe I’ll be asking my stylist to send one in every color. ¬†I may have to rearrange my closet to make room for more.

Raw Edge V-Neck Tee by BP | $17 | Size: XS | Color: Grey Cloudburst
Either I’m super short, or the t-shirt is pretty long. Either way, wear it with leggings or do the half-tuck with jeans
City Linen Knit Tank by Sanctuary | $44 | Size: XS | Color: Cactus

Simplicity! ¬†Are you sensing a pattern here? ¬†This multi-media layered tank is the answer to my layering woes. ¬†I love the layered look, without having to bother with the layers. ¬†Because layering takes effort folks, and I’m all about that zero-effort style! ¬†I love the way these white skinnies by Paige, from a pervious Trunk, pair well with the top to give it a fresh look. ¬†I tried pairing it with blue denim and it just looked “good”, but didn’t stand out like with these white skinnies.

Pocket Tank Dress by Socialite | $34 | Size: XS | Color: Ivory/Black Highway Stripe

Any version of horizontal stripes scare me, so I was hesitant to keep this tank dress. But just like the Loveappella maxi, it’s super soft and stretchy and I couldn’t resist. ¬†Plus, it will make the perfect daily dress to wear in Cuba, either walking around town or at the beach.

If you like what you see and are interested in trying out Trunk Club for yourself, let me introduce you to Cassie!  Simply click here to get started: Trunk Club

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