About Me

Hi! I’m Michele, a suburban work-at-home VP by day and an over obsessed dog lover by night. I love 26.2 mile runs and mud-slinging 5k’s. When I’m not crafting the next covert operation whisking high profile talent in/out of major airports, I love to travel, eat (a lot), drink (a little), and run!

Delicate Effing Flower was conceived mostly for my daughters, currently 17 and 21, for a couple of reasons.  One – my girls know I’m a strong, capable woman, but they also know I emphatically support well-balanced roles for men and women, and that there is nothing wrong with a man holding the door open for you, even if you can out run him in a marathon.  I hope that my chronicles here will remind them to stay grounded.  And two – for the food!  My girls are always asking me how I made a certain meal or dessert and I wanted to give them an easy and relatable way to refer to our favorite family recipes.  Because I’m pretty sure most millennials won’t be reaching for the “family cookbook”.  It’s all about that digital world.

So what’s with the site name?  I’m a bit of an independent woman with a loud mouth and a strong opinion.  Sometimes my husband will “let” me do my own heavy lifting, quick to remind me I am always shouting, “I can do it myself!”, to which I retort, “No I can’t, I’m a delicate f*cking flower!”  Because who wants to do their own heavy lifting when they have a strong, buff husband to do it for them? ;-P

With that said, I wanted a place where I could compile favorite family recipes, stories about my running achievements (and failures), trending fashion (oh, how they will laugh in the years to come!), and a little sprinkle of my travel whimsy.  I’m not an expert at any of the above, but I love it all with a passion and wanted to share it with my girls, so they’d have something to look back on.

Thanks for stopping by.